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14 Tips on How To Pick Up Girls at a Nightclub

14 Tips on How To Pick Up Girls at a Nightclub

I’ve been going out to soo many nightclubs lately and I’ve noticed that the guys there have absolutely no idea how to pick up girls there. It’s mind-blowingly weird how they muster the courage for half the night then go for a girl, get blown out within seconds, and come back to their friends with their eyes on the floor. That or they’ll never even go for the girl and look with regret when she leaves the venue with someone else.

It’s pretty bad and that’s why I decided to share with you today my 14 tips on How To Pick Up Girls at a Nightclub and how you can implement them immediately! So without further ado let’s get right to it:

1. Go Out with Friends … Bring Your Wings

It’s alright to go clubbing alone (although, who really does that) but having some friends who can be your wingmen is a serious boost to your game. Suddenly approaching a group of girls isn’t a daunting task anymore and even if there’s only one girl sitting alone, you can always leave them for a bit. That’s why I never go with only one friend too, if I spot a cute girl and go to talk to her my friends can keep each other company, instead of one friend who’ll have to find something to do on their own.

2. Warm Up Your Social Skills … Call Somebody

If you do decide to go out alone it’s important to warm your social skills before you go to the venue. Many people believe that the night starts when you enter the nightclub. That’s incredibly WRONG. The night starts when you step outside your place. You don’t want to enter the club without having spoken to anybody and then wasting a ton of time warming up your social skills. Call friends on the phone, approach and talk to strangers on the street, talk to the people on the line in front of the club. Do this and you’ll be ready to seduce the hottest girl immediately after you enter

3. Know local hookup sites Your Drinking Limit … Don’t Collapse

I don’t drink too much personally, but some guys get more comfortable after a drink or two. Alchohol is great if you’re too stifled to talk to hot girls and need to relax, but you have to be aware. See, alcohol has the side effect of getting you drunk, and the drunker you are the harder it will be for you to focus. Interactions will be harder and you may not even notice when a girl is into you. Also, you may have a hard time getting hard after consuming too much alcohol, you don’t want to pull a girl to your place and fall asleep right as you hit the bed naked.

4. Relax … You’re at a Party

This is Crucial! You’re at a party to have fun. Don’t get over yourself and just enjoy your time. Trust me, a guy who’s having fun is waaay more attractive than someone whose sole purpose of going out is to pick up a girl. Women sense that and I’ve had conversations with a ton of female friends of mine who all agree that having fun is a thousand times better than being needy and not enjoying yourself at a nightclub.

5. Notice The Body Language … It’s too Loud to Speak

The facts are that the music is sometimes too loud to speak to somebody. You yell into her ear that your name is Daniel and they hear Michael or something. Perhaps that’s what happens to Starbucks employees… they’ll go to nightclubs a ton and their ears will be damaged, leading to them always getting your name wrong, haha.

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