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Badoo Cult Customers Offer Handkerchiefs Utilized In Cleansing Blood Of Subjects To Political Leaders For N0.5M

Badoo Cult Customers Offer Handkerchiefs Utilized In Cleansing Blood Of Subjects To Political Leaders For N0.5M

a police source enjoys expose why the menace of Badoo cult attacks in Ikorodu cannot stop quickly

The officer which sought for confidentiality said members of the dreadful cult, mostly unemployed youngsters had been driven to carry out the brutal killings since they promote handkerchiefs used in wiping the bloodstream of these sufferers to affluent Nigerians especially political leaders for N500,000 each.

It really is considered that the political figures used the handkerchiefs for rituals.

Some tips about what the police resource stated:

The source of almost all the atrocities in Nigeria is traceable to politicians, immediately or ultimately.

Those guys is put no-cost after a call by their benefactors.


Sotan I knew it! i knew the so called ‘rich & influential’ folks need to be behind this bad labeled as Baddo, that was the reason why the incessant killings continuous for such a long time. God’s reasoning will come upon the wicked and their years, as a result of cash and energy you may be invading people’s domiciles and killing all of them, wiping generations down. I weep for my personal nation Nigeria, why can’t you utilize yours young children and families for traditions? As a result it grew to become a crime are poor? Jesus in which can be your face? My cardio are bleeding! Nigeria stinks. it can be God which can clean they, the bloodstream associated with the innocents were crying for payback,no question we are praying and it also appears just as if goodness Does not respond to prayers. Jesus is not mocked! The exact same men and women behind these Badoo guys are creme de los angeles creme in the society’, the highest and influentials, the ones that donate nicely to close factors, they are regarded as ‘good group’ Jesus shouldn’t be mocked! Even though you escaped reasoning here on earth, your own reasoning try available in paradise in addition to children your used blood money to teach might also be evaluated. Most of those making use of these Badoo men are likely moving into Ikorodu and its own environs collecting bloodstream soaking handkerchiefs or they must has someone within Ikorodu and around helping all of them who’re intermediaries. Jesus will evaluate every body. It’s great development that some guys being detained, we are askin the good and God-fearing folks of Ikorodu Nigeria to make sure fairness is performed in the interests of the dead. Governor Ambode, authorities, Obas, Chiefs etc you’ve got accomplished well but this is simply the start, the war recently begun, this example should not be swept underneath the carpeting, don’t mind whoever ponies become gored,, bear in mind you will also have young ones and family, pls don’t allow God’s wrath come upon you and your girls and boys for addressing up bad. Nobody is above goodness, this bad called Badoo should be eliminated in Ikorodu and Nigeria all together. May God help us.

We black folk particularly we Africans continue to be surviving in dark colored region. In 2017 we are nevertheless practicing culture of ignorance and self-destruction. I can’t merely decide why some individuals will still be believing that making use of individual bloodstream will proffer a means to fix their amateurmatch Seznamka webovГЅch strГЎnek political ambition. They’re going there to take money, exactly why do they must destroy to have this? this is exactly why I continued repeating that phrase the key of our reliability sits inside our frontrunners. These are the types damaging this nation by luring some feeble minded and unemployed younger folks going and kill for them. That is the reason I don’t envy any of those political leaders since they are spending blood money.

From 100per cent Nigerian politicians best 7per cent have not put peoples as give up to obtain their particular position. All of them cult of ritualists. When we can squash government nowadays in Nigeria, 50 % of Nigeria difficulties might be solved. The interest rate of crime emanated from politics arena by yourself since 1999 provides quadriple than in the 80’s. Let’s see previous situation like Soka in Ibadan, Abeokuta etc. no body hasn’t ever getting prosecuted or found guilty since huge guys will unquestionably show up later and order the discharge of these arrested. The length of time will we need certainly to injured our selves? I’m therefore focused on all of our circumstances in Nigeria.

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